Magical Love



It's magical, the way you make me feel inside. Can't let you go, no matter all I try, you stay on my mind. I can hold your hands and you can hold mine. Now we can rock until the morning light. If I could I would change back the hands of time. That we can do everything so right . I'm just a thought away for you babe. I know we had our ups and downs. But we say, it gets crazy. But trust me girl, you can always count on me.


Here we go on a roller coaster to paradise. So let me know what it's gonna take for me to free your mind. Introduce you to a brand new life. They don't understand how we can make it last. We don't care cause everything's fine.


Cause my love, your love, our love is magical.

Postat av: Anonym

Men blogga något nytt då, så jag kan roa mig på jobbet haha

2010-05-14 @ 14:28:38

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