Dancing with tears in my eyes!

Here we go, welcome to my funeral. Without you i don't even have a pulse.
All alone it's dark and cold. With every move i die. Here I go, this is
my confession. I lost cause nobody can save my soul, I am so delusional
withevery move i die. I have destroyed our life it's gone, payback is sick.
it's all my fault.

I'm dancing with tears in my eyes
Just fighting To get through the night
I'm losing it
with every move I die
I'm faded I'm broken inside
I've wasted the love of my life

When did I become such a hypocrite
double life, lies that you caught me in.
Trust me I'm paying for it.
with every move i die.

I'm just a zombie. who I am, is not who I wanna be
I'm such a tragedy.
with every move i die.

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