Space Bound Rocketship

We touch I feel a rush. We clutch, it is not much, but it´s enough to make me wonder whats in store for us. It´s lust, it´s torcherous. You must be a socerous cause you just did the impossible. Gain my trust, dont play games, it will be dangerous if you fuck me over, cause if I get burnt imma show you what it´s like to hurt, cause i been treated like dirt before. And love is evil, spell it backwards ill show you.


Nobody knows me, Im cold, walk down this road all alone. It´s no ones fault but my own. It´s the path I have chosen to go. Frozen as snow, I show no emotion whatsoever. I have tried in this department but i aint had no luck with this. It sucks but it´s exactly what i thought it would be like. Trying to start over. I got a hole in my heart, Im some kind of emotional rollercoaster something i wont go on til you toy with my emotion, so it´s over. It´s like an explosion everytime i hold you, I wasnt joking when i told you. You take my breathe away. Your a supernova.


I do whatever it takes. When im with you I get the shakes. My body aikes. When i aint with you I have zero strength. Theres no limit on how far I would go, no boundries no lengths. Promise me, if I cave in and break and leave myself open, that i wont be making a mistake.


Im a space bound rocketship in your heart spittin morn. And i aim it right at you. 250 thousand miles aim a keen eye right at you.

Postat av: H

Love u !

2010-06-16 @ 17:14:45

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