Looking Out My Window...

I'm looking out my fish bowl watching time in life past me by. Now I'm wondering why and how I get in this place and this situation. I wish I could grow some wings and fly out of this dream, cause it's a nightmare. All I do is go with through the motions without a purpose or a person next to me so I'm holding on to hoping, a prayer or wish and a dream that one day I'd get out of here and finally be free.

Hello me, I'm the shadow of laughter
Hello me, I'm the walking disaster
Hello it´s me, on the edge of the rafters with a rope and ladder. You know, it really don't matter to me. I've been hiding inside myself, lying and trying to defile myself. When everybody out there is going for sale, I'm slowly falling seeking down closer to hell.

I want to know what is like to being one of those cars that are going somewhere to something in a place real far.
Far from here, far from home, far from everything I know. I just want to move away, plant my seed and make it grow, watch it blossom in the sun, beautiful and chill out. Create my own waiting future. Get away from this cloud. Right now I hurt searching for something that's right. So, until my time comes I keep on hoping tonight will be my last night.

Now I'm starring out the window to see what is out there.
Is anything out there?
Is there anything out there for me ?
Is anybody out there ?
Is anyone is listening ?

I'm starring out this window...

Postat av: Anonym

2009-10-19 @ 11:13:03
Postat av: Mom

2009-10-19 @ 11:13:40
Postat av: Mom

We hear you, see you, and most of all LOVE YOU!! MOM / STEFAN

2009-10-19 @ 11:14:51

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